Voidspeak to the Dead Season

27 Nonagons by Garrett Spear

Spring is here, but there comes one final frost...


Threshold Lament

Photographia via JTH

Enough with the clever, inane babble; here is the reason you came.


The good folks over at Metal Injection have seen fit to publish an article 
on the finer points of Black Metal being produced in the Bluegrass state.

While the article spends a good deal of time (and rightfully so) discussing 
former Kentuckian Austin Lunn and his stellar outlet Panopticon,
as well as his partner in crime, W.Crow's excellent Wheels Within Wheels,
we here at the CDC are most psyched that they gave some 
virtual ink to our brethren MERKABA!

Check out the full article HERE!


Wax of the Sacred Forest

So yeah, this exists.
After much time, talk, work, and waiting, what is inarguably the most widely sought-after 
Concentric artifact, Merkaba's Bones of the Sacred Forest,
is soon to be available in the far more permanent vinyl medium
thanks to the fine folks over at
Above is a test pressing received by the band yesterday.  The finished version
will feature all new artwork, a remastering job, and a bonus track
(at least I'm pretty sure it will).
Many hails and thank yous to everyone who has supported our black metal brethren.
More information available soon.
Get your turntables ready.



The Earth erupts, spewing forth the deep blood of Her core;

the very molten essence of Her motherly self.

Thru this act of labor and sacrifice,

She continues to unfold

the truths of the





Natasha's Bistro in Lexington, Kentucky

Monday, January 27, 2014

Ten o'clock, post meridian

Be still.

Hear a voice inside you.

The mysteries that appear like whispers in your mind,

what do they tell you?

What is there uncreated that 

is within you?

Can you connect with the undying ecstasy of being

if you try?



This Is For You

Photographic capture by Nicholas Kyle Larkey

The Cold Moon of December warned of a freezing Winter ahead.

The Moon does not lie.

An offering from Ghost Affirmation.

Stay warm.  Try to stay warm.

Ghost Affirmation - "This Is For You" (MP3)


Dear and Wonderful Friends,

Tides are turning and times are changing.  

The overtones in the catacombs of the Dronosphere are drawing near.  

Dare I say... strange things are afoot.